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In-Home Ketamine

Understand the risks and realities of in-home teleketamine services

Our mission is to enable access to safe psychedelic ketamine treatment. We often get requests to prescribe in-home ketamine. Our medical team, led by psychiatrist and addiction specialist Dr. Erika Steinbrenner, has deeply analyzed the risks/benefits of in-home ketamine. 

In our professional and studied opinion, the frequency and dose prescribed by online ketamine providers like Mindbloom and Joyous - daily or multiple times per week, and doses higher than 100mg - present a substantial risk of ketamine dependence and bladder cystitis, a potentially irreversible condition that negatively affects a person's ability to urinate. 

Ketamine is a wonderful psychedelic when used in moderation and in a clinical setting. We are all about access, but it's just plain irresponsible to aggressively promote "in-home" ketamine as a wonder medicine to treat mental health conditions. Using glossy advertisements and enticing headlines to sell controlled substances is not new. Sadly, we've seen this before with other psychiatric drugs, like stimulants (Adderall) and benzodiazepines (Xanax). 

The last thing you want is to become dependent on ketamine or experience potentially irreversible bladder cystitis.


Please, before you sign up for tele-ketamine, sign up for a free consultation with us to discuss your options. Part of our non-profit mission is harm reduction and safety education, and we will be glad to have a conversation with you. Our pricing model enables clients to have access AND safe, best-practice, in-person treatment.

Sincerely ~ Team Perspective

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