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IV Infusions vs KAT

We take a non-medicalized "insight-driven" approach to ketamine treatment.

We use rapidly dissolving tablets (RDTs) and intramuscular (IM) injections which provide a gentle yet powerful, transformative experience. Unlike IV ketamine infusions, our process is a non-medicalized, "insight-driven" approach to ketamine treatment.


There is nothing wrong with IV treatment, but if you are interested in a more insight-driven approach then please, schedule a consultation with us to learn more. 

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"Before coming to Perspective, I had done IV ketamine treatments, and they worked for me. I was ready for Perspective's approach - the onset of the medicine is gentler (not white knuckle!) - and I feel safe and supported. And I got a lot from processing and integrating what comes up during my sessions."   - Krysti M, client

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