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KAT vs IV vs In-Home

Why Perspective vs. IV or In-Home (tele-ketamine)

Perspective Wellness does not use IVs as the route of administration. We use rapidly dissolving tablets (RDTs) which provide a gentle, transformative experience. We harness this experience using a non-medicalized Psychedelic Approach to ketamine treatment. We call our approach "psychedelic tiramisu" because of the three layers that combine for effective treatment.

The base layer - is "therapeutic alliance" - creating good relationships with our clients that enable clients to feel safe and secure so they can fully release into their journey experiences and gain maximum benefit. 

The middle layer is "pharmacological" - ketamine works without any talk or relational intervention, hence the success of IV treatments (we do believe there is a place for the traditional IV model and we have clients who have benefitted from IV treatments).

The top layer is "psychedelic" - these are the insights, shfits in perspective, and takeaways acquired during the journey experience and integration processes.

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"Before coming to Perspective, I had done IV ketamine treatments, and they worked for me. I like Perspective's approach so much more - the onset of the medicine is gentler (not white knuckle!) and I feel safe and supported. And I get a lot from processing and integrating what comes up during my sessions."   - Krysti M, client

Traditional IV ketamine treatment is pharmacological. Treatment consists of getting an IV infusion over 40-60 minutes (usually alone), coming down, and then leaving. IV ketamine helps people for sure, and we have clients that have done it. 

The Perspective difference is that we sandwich the pharmacological with psychedelic and therapeutic layers. Our experience shows this approach enhances a client's subjective treatment experience and results in transformative and meaningful outcomes.

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