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Harm Reduction & Client Safety

Innovative, Replicable Risk Reduction Protocols For Practitioners

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  • The Challenge: Risks Of Harm & Unintended Consquences

  • One major challenge in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy is that pscyhedelic therapy approaches are often idiosyncratic, unstructured, unbounded, and non-replicable. This presents a substantial risk of harm and unintended consequences given the deep vulnerabilities of clients in non-ordinary states of consciousness (nosc).

  • A second challenge is that heterogenous, idiosyncratic thereapy approaches make randomized control clinical trials and psychelic research very difficult due to substantial confounding variability.

  • The Solution​​: The Perspective Method - Structured, Replicable & Scalable Psychedelic Therapy Risk Mitigation

  • The Perspective Method - a comprehensive A to Z pychedelic ketamine treament protocol that covers the theory and clinical practice of psychedelic preparation, in-person journey experience, and integration. Featuring our innovatve "affect target" method of treatment and integration, The Perspective Method provides practitioners with all the fundamentals necessary to deploy safe and effective clinical treatments. Importantly, The Perspective Method is readily adaptable to all ketamine ROAs and for use with other psychedelic medicines. 

  • Safe Space - contained within The Perspective Method, Safe Space is a collection of practical ethics rules and best practices meant to foster the "Boundary Conscious Practice" of psychedelic medicine. Safe Space instruction and training is especially important as the industry seeks to expand access and employ non-clincian psychedelic facilitators.

  • Integration Wheel - an essential element of The Perspective Method, the Integration Wheel is an innovative tool that helps clients integrate and weave the felt experiences (affect targets) and realizations (new cognitions) of their pscychedelic journeys into ordinary mind (recanalization). 

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