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Training & Consultation

Expert training and support to help you provide accessible, best practice, psychedelic ketamine services in your area

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Justin Rome Lubin, JD, CKF


Finance, Operations, Compliance & Ketamine Facilitation

A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz and the University of California, Hastings College of Law, Justin is a former attorney, social entrepreneur, husband and father of five, and a psychedelic facilitator with robust experiences in life, loss, and love.  Justin is the creative and driving force behind Perspective Wellness' efforts to make accessible psychedelic therapies a reality in Wisconsin and beyond.  With years of experience as a litigator and transaction attorney, and almost a decade of experience serving as COO of a large community mental health clinic, Justin brings a unique and passionate voice to the conversation about psychedelic accessibility models, finance, operations, and compliance. And with his depth of experience facilitating hundreds of journey sessions with a diverse clientele, Justin is an expert in ketamine facilitation best practices, methods, and protocols. 


Dr. Erika Steinbrenner, MD - Psychiatry

Medical Best Practices & Protocols

A graduate of Notre Dame, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (residency and Addiction Psychiatry fellowship), Erika is a highly experienced physician in the fields of integrative psychiatry, ketamine therapies (IV, IM, RDT), and psychedelics. Erika is involved in all aspects of clinical protocol development and deployment, and regularly collaborates with Perspective Wellness' outstanding team of nurse practitioners. Erika is an expert on ketamine best practices for psychedelic facilitation.

Areas Of Expertise & Support

Practitioner & Clinician Solutions - We work with clinics, clinicians, and non-licensed practitioners (e.g. nurses, behavioral coaches, chaplains) to provide individualized ketamine assisted therapy (KAT) facilitation training and clinical solutions. Training is usually a combination of online synchronous and asynchronous didactic training combined with clinical training in our Milwaukee, WI clinic, in a local clinic of your choice, or one of our growing network of regional affiliate clinics. The goal of training is to provide you will everything you need to confidently and competently engage in the practice of psychedelic ketamine facilitation. Clients include:​

  • Non-Therapists seeking to become psychedelic ketamine facilitators. Participants in this program have included nurses, behavioral health and trauma informed coaches, social work grad students, and former attorneys. All training is one-to-one and highly individualized based on your experience and needs. People who complete our "certification level" training are qualified to obtain liability insurances from our insurance partners and also eligible to access the Perspective Access Fund, a source of funding to subsidize lower income clients, veterans, and first responders.

  • Licensed Therapists looking for clinical focused training to help them get started working with real clients in the client. Usually these therapists have had some form of training. Past and current clients include persons who have done KTC, Polaris, and Fluence trainings and experientials, but needed a "clinical booster" to help them get started working with actual clients. 

Professional Liability (E&O) and Payer Compliance Solutions - Our organization is a leader in the push to make psychedelic therapies accessible and affordable. We work with a select group of professional liability (E&O) insurance providers to help clients navigate the process of obtaining coverage for clinics and practitioners. First we work to get a detailed understanding of your organizational and clinical workflows and protocols. Then we help you develop, revise, and update to ensure compliance with emerging best practices and insurer (and payer) requirements. We also work with training programs to help them comply with malpractice insurers and payer requirements, thus ensuring the practitioners they certify have the best opportunities for success.

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