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Wisconsin's First Psychedelic Therapy Clinic

Ketamine-assisted therapy is a game changer for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, cPTSD, and more. Set up a free initial consultation to learn more.

Specialists In Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Perspective Wellness has provided hundreds of ketamine-assisted therapy journeys to WI clients. We offer a unique, highly personalized, in-person experience of non-ordinary consciousness that - when properly integrated - improves and enhances mental health and well-being. 

ketamine therapy for anxiety depresssion and ptsd in milwaukee wisconsin.shepherd express.
ketamine treatment for anxiety depresssion and ptsd in milwaukee wisconsin.milwaukee magaz

We are the lowest-cost provider of best-practice ketamine-assisted therapy in the United States.​ 

Our Process

ketamine treatment preparation psychedelic treatment milwaukee
ketamine treatment experience psychedelic treatment milwaukee
ketamine treatment integration psychedelic treatment milwaukee
  • Initial Consultation - During this virtual call, we will discuss your situation and explore whether Perspective Wellness' treatment process is a good fit for you.

  • Psych-Med Intake - You will receive an extensive intake screening with our specially trained nurse practitioner (APNP) to ensure treatment is safe and appropriate. This appointment is virtual and scheduled at a time convenient for you.

  • Preparation Session. During this virtual prep session, you will meet your facilitator, learn in detail about what to expect, and collaborate to create an intention and mindset for your journey.

  • Journey Session - This is in person at our clinic and usually lasts three hours. We typically start clients out with a low-dose rapidly dissolving tablet (RDT) to help you ease into the process. The journey starts slowly and builds to a peak state of non-ordinary "deep mind" consciousness which lasts about 40-60 minutes. This is followed by a gentle and relaxing return back to ordinary mind. As you come down from the peak, facilitation begins, where we work with you to help draw out and crystallize your journey experience into memories and language. While our approach is to go "slow and low" with dosing, first encounters with the medicine are often very powerful. (This is not a cannabis gummy!) 

  • Integration Session - Integration is the process of bringing your deep mind journey experience into ordinary mind. Integration begins at the tail end of your journey and continues between sessions, and includes an integration session with your facilitating guide a few days after your journey.  Integration is client-led and often leads to wonderful breakthroughs and transformational insights of acceptance, self-understanding, and healing self-love. 

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KAT is a wonderful adjunct to talk therapy. Many of our clients have a talk therapist and use their journey process to catalyze what they are working on in therapy. 

We collaborate with client therapists free of charge. After your journey, you will receive a detailed, first-person "Journey Note" that captures what you say during the session. You can use this note for integration and processing during your talk therapy sessions.

Sometimes clients have their therapists join in virtually or in person. Virtual participation is easy. We have amazing audio conferencing gear that brings your talk therapist into the room, right by your side. We have had some really incredible sessions this way.

Considering in-home ketamine? Learn more about it here.


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During my journey I felt deep feelings of beauty, love, and INFINITE ACCCPTANCE.... I now feel so much more at peace with myself and what is going on in my life... Amazing, transformative journey. Highly recommended.

ketamine treatment for depression, anxiety, ptsd. milwaukee wisconsin anxiety depression.quote open.png

For the first time in forever, the anxious, depressive chatter stopped... I feel like I CONNECTED with MY TRUE SELF, worthy of love, joy, and peace... Integration was wonderful, helping me bring my journey experience into everyday life.

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Are you eligible? Watch this video - The 7 People Who Shouldn’t Get Ketamine

Learn More

The articles and videos below feature presentations by leaders in the emergent Ketamine Assisted Therapy field, including our teachers from Ketamine Training Center and Polaris Institute, the leaders in the ketamine training space. We are fortunate to have trained with the very best in the field.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Ketamine Assisted Therapy
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Horizons 2017: PHILIP E. WOLFSON, MD "Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and the Ketamine Opportunity"

Horizons 2017: PHILIP E. WOLFSON, MD "Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and the Ketamine Opportunity"

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Veronika Gold - Methods of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Veronika Gold - Methods of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

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